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For inquires regarding In-Office Anesthesia Evaluations, please email Dr. Michael Bianchi at anesthesiaevaluation@paaneseval.org or call (215) 394-7284.


Online CE Anesthesia Courses

Good Day Permit Holders:

Please see information gathered regarding online anesthesia CE from Michael A. Bianchi, DDS, FACS

Executive Director Office Anesthesia Evaluation Program

Thanks to all who responded to my email requesting online anesthesia CE.

Here is a compilation of what I received and have verified:

1) For AAOMS members there are free courses at:
These classes will be available at no fee at least until May 31, 2020.
(You will just need to login to the AAOMS site)

2) There are also free courses on the ADSA website at:
adsahome.org/on-demand-ce (you have to create a user name and password)

For a fee:
1) There are courses on the ASDA website at:

2) Another Site offering CE credits:

Larger credit Courses:
1) The Anesthesia Evaluation Program is planning to have a free course in
November (not sure if online or live) going to be given in the Eastern
Region at Bryn Mawr Hospital if live for 8 CE credits

2) Dr. Edward Adlesic is putting on a 2 day 15 CE credit online course for a
fee with 4 lecturers in the fall.

Any questions, please contact Dr. Bianchi at

Many thanks,

Christine Corrigan
Executive Director