1.) How many CE credits do I get for evaluations?

Two (2) CE credits for every three (3) evaluations (up to 9 evaluations) completed within a 2 year period.

2.) Where do I send the forms once they have been completed?

Page 2 is scanned and emailed as a PDF to anesthesiaevaluation@paaneseval.org.

The entire document (including page 2) is mailed to:


c/o Christine Corrigan

PO Box 500

Harrisburg, PA 17108 – 0500

3.) If I have any other questions or concerns about the anesthesia evaluation process or during an evaluation, who should I contact?

Dr. Michael A. Bianchi, Executive Director of the in office anesthesia evaluations.
Telephone: 215-394-7284
E-mail: AnesthesiaEvaluation@PAAnesEval.org