1. How often do I have to be evaluated?

Every six years.

2. What is the fee for the evaluation?

There is an administration fee of $275.00 per year. This fee is not the SBOD anesthesia permit fee. This fee covers the administration costs of the PSOMS.

3. What services do I receive for this fee?

You receive your in office anesthesia evaluations and also continuing education courses for no fee.

4. How many continuing education credits do I need?

For unrestricted or restricted I permit holders, you need 15 credits in anesthesia related subjects every two years. These credits count toward your required 30 continuing education credits for the SBOD.

5. Do ACLS and PALS count towards these credits?

No, however, if you treat patients age 18 or older you must be certified in ACLS. If you treat patients 18 or younger, you must be certified in PALS.

6. What if I do not have a permit, but have a permit holder deliver anesthesia on my patients, what responsibilities do I have?

You must notify the SBOD before the first case that Dr. X will be delivering anesthesia for your patients. This only has to be done once. In addition, you must have five continuing education credits in anesthesia related subjects every two years.

7. Do I need a permit if I only give pills?

If you give more than a normal anxiolitic dose of a medication, you need a permit.
This usually involves giving two or more pills (stacked doses), or if you employ the use of oral medications and nitrous oxide in combination, you need a permit.

8. Can I pick my own evaluators for the in office evaluations?

No. The evaluators will be chosen from the list of certified evaluators who have attended an evaluator course. However, if there is a true problem, we will take that into consideration.

9. What steps must I follow in order to be scheduled for an office anesthesia evaluation?

Everyone must follow the following protocol in order to be scheduled for an office anesthesia evaluation: Go the the PSOMS website at psomsweb,org; if you are a PSOMS member click on to PSOMS MEMBER LOG IN and if you are a non-PSOMS member with an anesthesia permit click on the ANESTHESIA LOG IN; once logged in go to the Anesthesia section and click on Applications; complete the necessary forms and send them to AnesthesiaEvaluation@psomsweb.org

10. How many cases do I have to sedate for the evaluation?

Just one.

11. If I have any other questions, who should I contact?

Dr. Michael A. Bianchi, the director and coordinator for the in office anesthesia evaluations.
Telephone: 215-394-7284
E-mail: AnesthesiaEvaluation@PAAnesEval.org